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Germany • 2022-09-19

BYD Innovating eMobility at IAA Transportation 2022

  • BYD unveils the revolutionary and highly adaptable eBus Blade Platform, featuring the ultra-safe game-changing Blade Battery
  • Two zero-emission pure-electric trucks make their debut in European markets – the ETM6 (7.5 Tonnes) urban delivery truck and the ETH8 (19 Tonnes) eTruck for logistics and waste collection
  • The upgraded new generation 12m eBus is exhibited in Europe for the first time, featuring innovative technology and a more spacious interior

Hanover, Germany - BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles and power batteries, attends IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover to reveal its latest innovations in eMobility for commercial vehicles on Stand A88, Hall 21. BYD unveils its ground-breaking new eBus Blade Platform, alongside an upgraded model in its eBus range, and also introduces two exciting zero-emission eTrucks to European customers.

BYD at IAA Transportation 2022

Introducing to Europe, new eTruck and eBus technology

Two pure-electric trucks, the ETM6 7.5 Tonne urban delivery truck and the ETH8 19 Tonne truck designed for logistics and waste collection, debut the event, alongside BYD’s new upgraded 12m eBus. The vehicles on show feature BYD’s very latest technology for safe, reliable and efficient electric transport, and have been designed with European customers in mind.

BYD ETM6 7.5 Tonne and ETH8 19 Tonne truck

A focal attraction of the stand is the official European reveal of BYD’s new and highly adaptable eBus Blade Platform, incorporating the ultra-safe, and highly durable Blade Battery that is revolutionising battery electric transportation. The rigorously tested Blade Battery passes the punishing demands of the Nail Penetration Test, regarded as the ultimate battery safety test. The Blade’s Battery distinctive CTP (cell to pack) technology significantly improves rigidity compared to traditional structures, giving it superior strength. The space-saving design of the Blade Battery, representing a 50% reduction, is inherent to eBus Blade Platform development, enabling increased battery capacity for a longer driving range, while also reducing chassis weight.

BYD eBus Blade Platform

Zero-emission full-market solutions for commercial transportation

BYD is the first and only provider of 100% emissions-free full-market transport solutions in Europe. For over two decades, BYD has been at the helm of technological innovation in pure-electric solutions for commercial transportation. BYD was the first company in the world to introduce fleet of commercial electric buses and has since evolved to become a world leader in this field.

BYD Ultra-safe Blade Battery

Expertise in battery and electronic technologies have been central to this, supported by BYD’s experience in new energy solutions. This knowledge, combined with an exceptional depth of research & development resources, has enabled BYD to master the core technologies of the entire industrial chain of new energy vehicles, such as power batteries, electric motors, electronic controls, and power semiconductors.

Such technological expertise and a relentless dedication to zero-emission electric mobility has been the foundation to BYD becoming the world’s leading NEV manufacturer. BYD has built-up an extensive global footprint in this sector that covers six continents, including more than 70 countries and over 400 cities, saving more than 12 million tonnes in carbon emissions. There are now more than 2.5 million BYD new energy vehicles on the road, worldwide today, of which 90,000 are commercial vehicles.

BYD newly upgraded 12m eBus

Collaborations with European Partners

BYD is a strong advocate of strategic localised partnerships, to deliver high levels of regionalised customer service and support, bringing products that suit individual markets. BYD welcomes cooperations with European partners to deliver tailor-made solutions for local customers.

Mr. Javier Contijoch, eBus Sales Vice President at BYD Europe Commercial Vehicles, said: “We are pleased to introduce BYD’s latest technological innovations to European customers, spanning eTrucks and eBuses. The launch of our eBus Blade Platform is especially exciting and represents further progression in electrification for this sector. We already enjoy solid relationships with many strategic partners and look forward to establishing more collaborations, to bring localised services and high levels of knowledgeable support and value to customers in Europe. We assist this further with BYD’s unique capability to offer total solutions supporting energy management and charging infrastructure. We see the future as electric, and through partnerships, we want to help European customers have the smoothest of journeys as they electrify their fleets.”