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BYD New Energy Passenger Vehicles Sales Reach a Milestone in the First Half of 2022

  • BYD reached another milestone in the first half of 2022, with total sales of new energy passenger vehicles exceeding 640,000 units
  • BYD achieved monthly sales of 133,762 units of new energy passenger vehicles in June, representing a substantial year-on-year growth of 168.8%
  • Han, BYD's flagship passenger sedan, hit another monthly sales record of 25,439 units, which contributed to over 250,000 units of sales in total since launch
  • BYD Yuan Plus, the first C-SUV built on BYD's ePlatform 3.0, reached sales of 19,731 units in June

BYD, the world's leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs), achieved another major milestone in the first half of 2022, with total sales of new energy passenger vehicles exceeding 640,000 units. Up to now, BYD new energy passenger vehicle sales have hit more than 2 million units.

During June, BYD sold 133,762 new energy passenger vehicles, representing a YoY growth of 168.8%, with BEV sales accounting for 69,544 units and PHEV sales standing at 64,218 units.

Significantly, it was the Han, BYD's flagship sedan, that dominated with sales of 25,439 units, reaching a record high in June. Since its launch in 2020, BYD Han has accumulated sales of over 250,000 units. BYD NEV sales in June were further boosted by demand for the Yuan Plus, the first C-class SUV built on BYD's ePlatform 3.0, with sales of 19,731 units in this period.

All BYD NEVs are equipped with leading core technology developed on the back of BYD's 27 years' experience in pioneering battery development, notably the ultra-safe, rigorously tested Blade Battery. Produced from Iron-Phosphate, the Blade Battery is cobalt-free and has been developed to offer enhanced levels of safety, as well as excelling in all aspects of performance, range and lifecycle.

BYD new energy passenger vehicles sales in June

Innovative technology extends to the BYD's ePlatform 3.0, the world's first 8-in-1 electric powertrain, developed for superior safety, highly integrated efficiency and intelligence, while also taking into consideration aesthetic design.

Anchoring this innovation is BYD's outstanding R&D resources and extensive manufacturing capability giving the company total control of the entire industrial chain and core technologies, from raw materials and design, through to manufacture, application and recycling.

Through technological innovations and environmentally-friendly NEV products, BYD has always been committed to a sustainable future underpinning BYD's brand proposition: Technology·Green·Future. Supporting this, earlier of this year, BYD announced that it had ceased production of ICE vehicles to focus exclusively on the BEV and PHEV sectors. This significant decision makes BYD the first OEM to concentrate on developing NEVs for the purpose of mobilising safe, reliable and efficient 'green' solutions.

BYD is a strong advocate of working in partnership with like-minded organisations. As a result, BYD has formed many successful localised partnerships in Europe and around the world, in order to provide cleaner, greener mobility solutions and supporting infrastructures, across all spheres of transportation. Globally, 2.2 million BYD NEVs, operating in 70 countries and more than 400 cities, are reducing CO2 emissions by 11.2 million tonnes.