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Portugal • 2022-03-30

BYD Fulfills Second eBus Delivery to Coimbra in Portugal

· BYD delivers an additional five 12-metre eBuses to Coimbra Municipal Transport Service (SMTUC) in Portugal

· The Portguese PTO has a long heritage providing bus services in Coimbra and took delivery of the BYD eBuses in March 2022

· This repeat order follows SMTUC’s successful introduction of an initial eight 12-metre BYD eBuses in 2019

Coimbra, Portugal - BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles (NEV) and power batteries, has made a second significant delivery of pure-electric buses to the Coimbra Municipal Urban Transport Service (SMTUC) in Portugal. A further five 12-metre BYD eBuses were handed over to the Portuguese PTO, SMTUC, which was celebrated during a presentation to the public in Coimbra on 28th March 2022 in the presence of The Mayor of Coimbra, José Manuel Silva, and the Board of Directors of SMTUC, Ana Bastos, Carlos Lopes, and Miguel Fonseca, as well as Joaquin Bellido, eBus Director Iberia, BYD Europe.

One of the 5 new BYD eBuses delivered SMTUC in Coimbra (Source: SMTUC)

BYD has for several years been supporting SMTUC in implementing its environmental strategy, as it adopts zero-emission sustainable public transport solutions. SMTUC first added eight pure-electric BYD eBuses to its fleet in 2019. The BYD eBuses were commissioned for public bus services operating on a variety of urban routes in the Municipality of Coimbra in central Portugal. At the time, they were the very first full-sized electric buses to be introduced to the SMTUC fleet. The eight BYD eBuses have driven in excess of 700,000 km, saving over 760,000 kg CO2 emissions.

This initial delivery was also momentous for BYD as its eBuses made their operational debut in Portugal. The successful integration of these clean, non-polluting pure-electric buses to the Municipality of Coimbra, as well as positive feedback from passengers about the service, were influencing factors in SMTUC placing a second order and subsequently, taking its most recent delivery of five 12-metre BYD eBuses.

One of the BYD pure-electric buses already in operation in the iconic city of Coimbra (Source: SMTUC)

Coimbra is one of Portugal’s oldest cities dating back to Roman times, with many buildings and monuments of historical importance. The bus routes are notoriously challenging for vehicles in a city that relies on an efficient network of public transport services. BYD eBuses are proving an ideal zero-emission solution on a practical level, while also protecting the historic environment and improving the air quality for the people who live, work and visit the city.

The five newest BYD eBus additions will now join SMTUC’s existing fleet, further boosting its clean and safe pure-electric bus service in the city. Providing an efficient, reliable service along with a comfortable passenger experience, are also key priorities for SMTUC while simultaneously evolving its sustainable fleet to meet its environmental targets.

The 12-metre BYD eBuses delivered to SMTUC feature the latest generation BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery technology for optimised battery life, safety and a longer driving range. The buses offer a driving range of 300 km on a single charge for a seamless service that does not have to be interrupted for intermediate charging. Each bus has capacity for 80 passengers and is designed to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility.

This expertise and commitment to environmentally-friendly solutions in transportation has been fundamental to BYD achieving its global position as the world’s leading NEV manufacturer.

BYD has delivered over 70,000 eBuses to customers worldwide, efficiently operating in both hot and cold climates. Over 2,500 BYD eBuses delivered or on order in Europe, in service in 100 European cities across 20 countries, including a growing number in the Iberian Perninusla. Collectively they have driven over 150 million kilometers, which represents a saving of 160,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Handover of the 5 new BYD eBuses to SMTUC in Coimbra (Source: SMTUC)

The Mayor of Coimbra, José Manuel Silva, said: “Given the increase in the price of fossil fuels, it is very important to have alternatives to provide people with good public transport. The new 100% electric buses have environmental benefits, and the goal for the future is for the entire SMTUC fleet to transition to electric. We are taking positive steps in that direction, as demonstrated by this delivery, at what is a sensitive time for Europe.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of SMTUC, Ana Bastos, added: “In comparison to buses powered by internal combustion, the eight BYD electric buses acquired in 2019, have since covered 700,000 km saving over 760,000 kg of CO2 emissions. Expanding the zero-emissions electric fleet is an important contribution to sustainable urban mobility, supporting energy efficiency in transport, while improving air quality for the people of Coimbra for a better quality of life.”

Joaquin Bellido, eBus Director Iberia, BYD Europe, says: “We are delighted to make a second delivery to SMTUC. It is gratifying to know that BYD eBuses are being so well-received by the Municipality of Coimbra, demonstrating that electric mobility is a practical and reliable solution for clean, emission-free public transport. SMTUC is setting an excellent example to other PTOs in Portugal and Iberia as a whole at such a critical time for tackling climate change. Through investment in BYD eBuses, SMTUC is also making public transport increasingly appealing through the provision of smart, efficient and comfortable services for passengers, that crucially are kind to the environment.”