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BYD Han EV Wins the 2021 iF Design Award

Shenzhen, China - Today, BYD proudly announces that its best-selling Han EV has won this year’s iF Design Award, a world-renowned design prize, standing out against the nearly 10,000 other works participating in the hotly contested product design category, and becoming the first ever sedan model from a Chinese car brand to take home the award.

iF’s official assessment of the Han EV in the hotly contested Product Design category

Ninety-eight members of the jury from across the world closely judged this selection, speaking highly of the Han EV: “The BYD Han EV gives urban residents a healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly solution for family travel and commuting in China. Taking inspiration from the imagery of traditional Chinese culture, the Han has a bold and aggressive exterior and a luxurious interior design which reinterprets unique Chinese aesthetics. The Han’s excellent performance (accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 s) combined with the intelligent internet interaction makes driving more exciting.”

The BYD Han EV sedan displays unique Chinese characteristics

The iF Design Awards are held annually since 1953. It is known for its evaluation philosophy being "independent, rigorous, and reliable", aimed at finding innovative, bold, and imaginative designs for the future.

The Han EV is the flagship of BYD’s Dynasty series

As the flagship of the BYD Dynasty series, Han EV is well-matched with the aesthetic sense and stylings of Chinese people. It adopts BYD’s EV Dragon Face design language, and inherits Chinese culture into the comprehensive vehicle design. In the layout and details of its interior, Han EV has absorbed the concept of Chinese aesthetics and the essence of classical luxury design, using Nappa leather, genuine wood, and aluminium along with other advanced materials, reflecting the pursuit of balance, nature, and perfection.

The Han matches marvellous design with excellent functions

The Han EV matches marvellous design with excellent functions. The Han EV four-wheel drive high-performance version is the fastest-accelerating mass-produced new energy car in China. In terms of safety, the ultra-safe Blade Battery carried by Han EV has passed the battery industry’s most extreme nail penetration test. In terms of vehicle intelligence, the Han comes with the DiLink 3.0 Network-Linked Intelligent System and DiPilot Intelligent Driving Assistant System, and can be updated via the over-the-air (OTA) technology.

The Han EV has been well-received by the Chinese market

Well received by the Chinese market, the Han boasts continuously rising sales since its launch in July 2020. Its sales volume has achieved over 10,000 monthly for 4 months in a row, and its cumulative sales volume has exceeded 60,000 units, making it a best-sell China’s auto brand in the mid-to-large sedan market. These all confirm that the Han is widely recognized by various authorities and the market in terms of both the interior design and its sheer power, highlighting its leading market position as a new energy vehicle equally matching safety, high performance and luxury.