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Mayor of Ankara launches BYD pure electric bus trial

Melih Gökçek, the Mayor of Ankara, capital of Turkey, this week took part in the inauguration ceremony for the

introduction of a trial of BYD's pure electric ebus in the city's Alt?npark.

Mayor Melih said: "Ankara City already has one of the greenest and also the youngest bus fleets in the world. With 1,300 CNG-powered buses we hold a record in the world. This first electric powered bus will be in service between Ku?ulu Park and Alt?npark for one month. If the bus is also approved by the public after the testing period we will put out a tender and buy electric buses to be used in capital city's transportation system".

The Mayor continued: "Electric buses do not harm the environment. One bus reduces consumption of oxygen generated by 5,200 trees per year. The battery can be charged in five hours and in total 170,000,00 Turkish Liras (€54,500) can be saved".

The proven range of the BYD ebus in typical urban driving conditions is up to 250 km and recharging at the end of each route (i.e. opportunity charging) could increase the daily range significantly.

Mayor Melih added: "We are going to try it out for one month and observe its efficiency. When we tried another electric bus two years ago the price was €800,000. The latest conventional buses we have purchased were

€285,000. These electric buses are €400.000. With some bargaining we would definitely like to open tenders

for electric buses".

The trial in Ankara, Turkey is only the latest series of a European-wide test programme of the 12 meter BYD ebus. More than 25 Capitals and major cities, from Copenhagen to Tel Aviv and from London to Warsaw, have tried the bus in passenger-carrying day-to-day service. Results have been impressive, with almost all duty cycles being accomplished within a single battery charge. Compared to conventional diesel powered buses, the BYD ebus dramatic demonstrated the reduction of operating cost.

BYD is rolling out a full complement of BYD ebus models – including not only the 12M version under trial at present but shorter wheelbase vehicles, double-deckers and articulated models as well. BYD’s cutting edge technology will also be on display in Istanbul at the BusWorld Turkey event in May.