BYD BATTERY-ELECTRIC BUSES the sensible choice to make city life better

BYD is dedicated to designing pure electric buses not only for driver and passenger comfort in daily commuting but also for bus fleet operators’ confidence in long-term profitable solutions. BYD battery-electric buses, the high quality public transport solution for the city, can help to improve city air quality and reduce noise.

BYD your reliable electric bus supplier

  • BYD has already trialed and operated its ebuses in more than 200 major cities. Each city received BYD electric buses to conduct their own programme of tests on operational cost-effectiveness and return on investment in the new technology. The encouraging test data and financial figures demonstrate the outstanding reliability and efficiency of BYD’s unique electric system.


  • Fascinating at your first glance

    With a distinctive appearance, the BYD ebus is in tune with the modern design style common in the public transport sector.
  • A comfortable way of driving and riding

    All aspects and details in the driver’s cockpit and passenger compartment have been designed to maximize the driver and passenger comfort, like convenient entrance and exit, etc.


  • World class customer support free you from worries

    BYD is committed to supporting the electric buses with the highest level. 24-hour service support is provided by a team of highly skilled engineers located in Europe, providing swift response to service needs.