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Wed, 23 May 2012

The new 2012 BYD F0 hits the market with improved features and quality

The 2012 BYD F0 has been officially launched onto the market, which has been long-awaited by younger buyers. The new intelligent features include a keyless entry and start system, a smart anti-theft engine immobiliser and a sparkling rear logo, substantially improving the car’s overall package. The king of the small car market is expected to achieve even greater success. null

Intelligent technologies setting a new trend on the small car market

The BYD F0 – widely regarded as the first car of the younger generation - has always been appealing to young people, following the fashion with better equipment. In the past, the USB+AUX+SD interface was welcomed by music lovers, and this time the update mainly focuses on intelligent equipments in order to meet young people’s expectations for trendy designs and the latest technologies. The 2012 BYD F0 is equipped with a keyless entry and start system, a high-tech and useful function, which is rare on small cars. With the keyless system, the F0 comes with a set of three keys – an electronic remote control, a card smart key and a separate mechanical key, so a small car owner also enjoy the ease of opening the door without a key and starting the engine by simply pressing a button, just like a luxury car owner does. In addition, the 2012 BYD F0 comes with the vehicle anti-theft systems and engine immobiliser, making the car more intelligent and secure. The car can also be specified with a number of options, including luxury leather seats.

Exterior showing owner’s personality and lifestyle

The BYD F0 has been a best seller since it was launched. Apart from smart electronic equipment, it is also partly due to the car’s stylish exterior. Its market positioning is stylish, quality and high-end, which makes the car stand out and it has become the king of the small car market. The 2012 BYD F0’s overall styling retains a distinctly European influence, and in terms of attention to detail the car is even more stylish than previous models. The car’s air outlet – with a sleek design - has been re-designed to distribute air more effectively. The rear “BYD” logo lights up and sparkles at night and the equipment list includes front fog lights, rear windscreen wipers and luggage rack, all of which have been improved to ensure the car can show more of the owner’s personality.